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The Church of the Ascension



An update from the webmaster:

The Ascension website has been on hold over the Summer months, and has not been updated as normal every month.

I regret that work demands on my time have meant that I was not free to commit the time needed to maintain it as I would have liked. The future is also uncertain, as Rev Hilary and myself will possibly be moving to another parish to worship, making the close contact with the congregation and clergy of the Ascension, which has contributed so much to the content of the website, will no longer be possible. I am hoping that another Ascension member will be able to take on running the site in the future, and maintain the calendar and news items. 

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed, in any way, to the creation and updating of the Ascension website, and for all the encouraging comments we have received.





We have a new Bishop of Manchester! I hope you have read about him in the Crux magazine. He is, at present, the Bishop of Dudley in the West Midlands. He originally came from this diocese, so he is delighted to be coming ‘home’, as our new Bishop he will be installed in December, by which time the Cathedral will be open again, we hope.

Bishop Nigel was much loved and respected as our Bishop and so it will be a hard act to follow him. However, I know from meeting Bishop David at General Synod, that he is very able, down to earth, clever, modest and friendly – not a bad start, is it? Obviously, clergy tend to be more concerned about who the Bishop is more than other people – because he is our boss! However it does make a difference to everyone that the Bishop has a good idea of what his diocese is like, and what the needs of the Church are. Bishop David, as well as coming from this area, has worked for many years in Sheffield, and has been involved with community housing, so he knows the needs and problems, as well as the delights of working in the north. Please pray for him as he prepares to join us as our Bishop.

Remember also Simon Schofield as he begins his year as a deacon. In a year’s time he will become a priest. He will not be far away in Stretford and we might go over there to join in worship with him some time. He will certainly come back to preach as the Revd Simon!

Jonathan Elcock, whom most of you will remember as being on placement here, is about to be made Vicar of St. John’s, Failsworth. Please pray for him too.

In many ways, in the deanery and the diocese, we have friends and connections. We are not just the Church in Hulme, but part of a much bigger fellowship. Let us rejoice in that, and expand our friendships in God’s Church.

Your Friend and Priest




Thank you to those who have begun to bring in groceries for the food distribution at St. Wilfrid’s, and please keep the items coming. The first bags were handed over last week, and they are very grateful for our contribution, as they had been struggling to provide enough. The St. Vincent de Paul Society, who do this work, all come back to the church they used to belong to, and have faithfully done so for years. They do the distribution themselves on Tuesdays and Fridays, and finance all the gifts they hand out. There are only 10 of them, so our help is very much needed.

Dora Innis has become a volunteer, and can tell you more about it, if you want to join the rota. Otherwise, please keep the donations coming week by week. We are trying to plan a social event here in the Summer, so we can meet these people and get to know them. Hopefully there will be a date soon for a Saturday afternoon.
Our PCC has agreed that it would be good for us to support our Catholic neighbours in Hulme. The Salvation Army has closed and soon the Booth Centre for the homeless will be moving from the Cathedral to North Manchester, so this area will have less help. I have looked at the store in St. Wilfred’s, and seen what they have and what they have not. I have also talked with the organiser, and asked what we could supply. Therefore, there will, from now on be a box in the hall, for donations, which I will pass on. So far about 3 people have donated items, and these are very welcome, thank you. So that we can contribute something every 2 weeks we need more people to give something.

Even a £1 or £2 a week spent on tinned goods would help. See what you can do.

What shall we bring?

  • Teabags
  • Tinned Fish
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Tinned Fruit

At the moment they supply none of these things, and the peoples giving of money is as high as it can go, so please help in any way you can — Just add an extra item or two to your shopping and help those who are struggling.
Thank you,

    The Rector



Revd Hilary writes



An A to Z of the Christian faith


Rev’d Canon Alma Servant

& Rev’d Ken Flood


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NEW: The final parts

Y & Z !

Baptism and Confirmation

If anyone is interested, please speak to the Rector, or the Churchwardens.

Autumn Fundraising


You will know that we are not having a Christmas Fair this year. We do not have enough helpers, and in spite of lots of publicity, not enough people come.

Instead, we have been having a monthly raffle, and will be keeping our Prize Draw, but will be selling tickets from September onwards. The draw will take place on Sunday 15th December – after the service.

This gives us far more time to sell the tickets – this is crucial. Obviously we begin with the prizes, these have all been donated by the P.C.C. this year – except for the Hamper, for which we will be asking your donations. It is ticket selling, especially to outsiders, which actually puts money in the bank.

There will be other fundraising initiatives, which will need your support, as well as the Craft Fair. If you have any other ideas, please speak to the wardens or clergy


Can You Pray?

Please think about volunteering to do the prayers at our Sunday service. Only a few people in the congregation do this at present. When they go away the clergy take their place, so we do not have enough variety, we could do with at least another two people to lead the prayers. If you are interested, please speak to Red. Alma.

Help will be given on how to do the prayers, or you may choose to read them from a book .


We have had three interviews in the newsletter in recent months. Now I want some volunteers for future issues.

You could be people who have worshipped here for many years, or a new member of the church.

Don’t assume that your life isn’t interesting enough, or that everyone knows you! You’d be surprised at how little is known about some of our members, and everyone’s life is interesting! 

Names of volunteers to the Rector, please.



The Church of the Ascension is now available to hire for rehearsals for musicians, bands, chamber groups, choirs and orchestras.

We are now able to offer the full space of the body of the church, including flexible seating layouts and rehearsal piano, for use for rehearsals by any size of group, up to full orchestras. The church hall is also included with kitchen, tea and coffee making facilities in a separate area for breaks.

Please see the interior photos (Ascension photo gallery) for an indication of the size of the church and hall.

The rentals are subject to the availability of staff to open up and supervise, but please contact

Rev. Alma on (0161) 226 5568

to discuss your requirements and dates and times available. 


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