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About Hulme

Hulme is first residential area south of Manchester City centre. Up to the mid 1990ís Hulme was the largest Deck-access council estate in the country. However all the concrete block housing has now been demolished. A large regeneration project, which began in 1992 is due to be completed over the next year or so. The roads and buildings have been changing month by month.

An area which was 100% council housing (mostly flats) is becoming approximately 1/3rd private housing, 1/3rd housing association, and 1/3rd council property. The eventual community is predicted at around 9000-10, 000 people. Hulme is a mixed community. The principal ethnic groups are White and Afro-Caribbean.

There are three primary schools in the area: St Philips is the Ascensionís Church school, St. Wilfrids is a Roman Catholic school, and Rolls School is a county primary school. There is also a  C of E secondary school, Trinity High, and a sixth form college, Loreto. The Ascension is situated close to the Library / Adult Education Centre, a new public park, the Zion community resource centre, and the Zion performing Arts Centre. Hulme also has a new market, a garden centre, and the Kath Locke Primary Health Centre.

An aerial picture of Hulme during the recent redevelopment. 


All are welcome to the Ascension, let no one be a stranger here