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About our Church


The Ascension church community is committed to being open and welcoming to all people. Our worship is best described as within the Anglo-catholic tradition of the church of England: formal and reverent but friendly, with a modern liturgy. (see Service Times)



We understand that our role as a Parish Church means we are here to serve all the people who live in Hulme not just those who regularly worship with us. Also, our Church community includes  many people who do not live in Hulme. The Ascension has always aimed to be a place of welcome, proclamation, and involvement for the community.

Vision and Priorities for the Future of the Parish

To discern how we can serve the new Hulme and itís people, and make God known to them.

To continue to value people for their skills and for who they are. To continue to be an inclusive Church, regardless of gender, age, health or disability, race, ethnic background, or sexuality.

To take the catholic, liturgical, and prayerful life of the parish forward and to learn more about God and each other.


All are welcome to the Ascension, let no one be a stranger here